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The Model Airplane

Model Airplane have been exporting aircraft from their Philippine Factory to wholesalers since 2004. Starting out as a small family business, Model Airplane quickly grew into a substainal business by marketing locally crafted models. In 2008, Model Airplane took the plunge and started promoting their products on the internet in order to provide end consumers the opportunity to buy direct from the factory.

The quality of our models is what distinguishes us from our competition - we back every delivery with a 30 day money back guarantee. We pride ourselves on making sure your choice is available, and we make sure the model you choose is delivered to your doorstep within days and not weeks or months as you may experience elsewhere. Browse other websites, and compare our prices and more importantly, the size of the model (most of our models range between 16 - 18 inches in length, the perfect size for any desk).

We protect your data with McAfee SECURE - ensuring our website is safe for you to interact, browse and purchase. We believe not only in our products, but also the service we provide. Therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of service your receive with The Model Airplane. We have provided you the ability to chat with us live in our office to ask us questions in relation to the products you see online. If you remain unsure about our products, ask our specialist to send you more pictures which can be generated on the spot and emailed through to you.

About our products

The Model Airplane hires expert craftsmen, which we call artists. The artists are divided into two teams: those that craft the wood, and those that paint the aircraft. Each plane takes several days to produce from a basic piece of Jemelina wood. The wood is shaped, sanded and finally smoothed using putty. Once the wings and engines are attached, the aircraft is now ready to enter the painting stage and be provided with it's applicable colors. It is during this process that the planes take on their own individuality and can be customized to each customer's requirements. For instance, a request may be received for customized aircraft registration, or wheels down. See how we make an A380 from a piece of wood by clicking here.

Once the aircraft is complete it is transferred to our warehouse ready for dispatch to our customers.

We will accept custom model airplanes orders (just imagine your own 747 in your own colors! Your personal AirForce One!). Please contact airplane@themodelairplane.com for further information.